Luke Gillespie Trio

Third Base Line (2011)

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Third Base Line  gives credence to the adage that good things come in threes.  It is pianist Luke Gillespie’s third release as a leader, in which the leader’s talents are ably matched by bassist Jeremy Allen and drummer Jason Tiemann.  The sound of the trio is at once luminous and shadowed, suffused with the suggestion of profundities almost imperceptible: you are in the moment, and yet suddenly the moment is so much more than what it was just a moment ago... 
The rewards this CD offers are both immediate and subtle, like a brilliantly-colored flower that slowly unfolds to reveal even more organically-constructed layers of wonder.  Or, perhaps, it’s like a baseball game that can be enjoyed for both its upfront dramatics and its intricate strategies.  It is both thoroughly modern and thoroughly in the tradition.  Rounding third base and heading down the line, it awaits for you, the listener, to bring it safely home.

--David Brent Johnson, host of the WFIU-Bloomington, Indiana jazz programs Night Lights and Afterglow

Third Base Line: Luke Gillespie Trio by Watercourse Records

Live At The Station (2009)

CD available for $12.99USD including domestic shipping. Contact us to order. Downloads available via, iTunes, and Rhapsody.

This recording documents a live performance by Luke Gillespie, Jeremy Allen, and Jason Tiemann at a short-lived club in Bloomington, Indiana called Jazz At The Station. The tune choices and "arrangements" captured here were spontaneous and unpremeditated; after the performance the group agreed that it had been a particularly fruitful evening and decided to release the recording as a document of a night on which many things seemed to come together well and everyone enjoyed themselves. We hope that you have as much fun listening to the album as the Luke Gillespie Trio had in making it.

Live at the Station/Luke Gillespie Trio by Watercourse Records

Photo Courtesy of Craig Tweddell Photography